Recognition/Donor Trees

General Information

The choice of recognition trees allows for a wide variety of designs as well as flexibility.  Many of the trees may be installed and added onto as the need for recognition increases.  All recognition trees are for interior application only.

Trunk Designs

There are four unique trunk designs, three traditional and one contemporary.  Traditional trunk designs are sculpted bas-relief and cast in solid bronze with an antique finish and protective lacquer.  The contemporary design is cut from 1/4" yellow brass plate with a satin finish and protective lacquer.

Acrylic Tree Tops

The tops of all recognition trees are fabricated from 1/4" thick clear acrylic sheet.  The acrylic is predrilled and tapped to accept the small brass machine screws predrilled and tapped to accept the small brass screws that attach the leaves to the tree top.

The acrylic is projected 1" from the wall by spacers during installation.  Add-on acrylic panels used to enlarge the recognition/donor tree are not butted together and are spaced between sections.


The leaves are die cut from .020" leaded brass engraving stock with a satin grain finish and are shipped installed to the acrylic tree tops.

Silver colored and copper leaves are also available.  Different material colours can be used to designate different levels of giving.